Thought some of you will be inspired by this lady who completed the 100 day push-up challenge with incredible results. How about taking on this challenge yourself?

Benefits of doing push ups:

Push ups are the queen of upper body strength. It’s a simple exercise that does not involve any equipment. You can do it practically anywhere. Plus, it works several muscle groups at the same time. If you are looking to build great shoulders, a toned upper body and a strong core, push ups is a good exercise for you.

100 Days Push up Challenge:

Every journey starts with a single step. Don’t be discouraged if you can barely do a push up on Day 1. That’s part of the challenge. To help you get started, we’re sharing this video from one of our fitspiration, Kayla Itsines, creator of the widely successful BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program showing you different push up variations to help you progress from doing easier push ups on Day 1 to more advanced ones by Day 100.

The key element here is progression. If you are a beginner, go easy on yourself. Proper form is important so we highly recommend following Kayla’s video. As she suggested, work your way up from variation 1. Only progress to the next variation once you can properly do 5-8 reps. You’ll be surprised at how strong you’ll be by Day 100.




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