Here at Fitsquad Club, we’ve been featuring fitspirations that are your average everyday REAL people–people who probably have the same lifestyle as you and you can relate to. We want to show you that each of us have our own obstacles to overcome and it’s up to us to try our best to pursue fitness however challenging it can be.

Marvin Hermoso Norcio will prove to you that fitness is all about dedication and pushing yourself to be the best version of you. He is a seaman by profession who spends 4 to 5 months at sea. Seafaring is an arduous job. You need to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit to handle being out there several months at a time. Stress levels tend to be high and quality of sleep not so good. But these do not stop Marvin from finding the time to keep fit. He stands by this fitness philosophy:

“A man can fall many times in his life but he can never be a failure until he refuses to get up.”

1.What prompted you to start your fitness journey? When did you start?

I wanted to improve my health and prove that I can reach my limits and overcome it. It’s also about self-integrity, that is, holding a commitment to myself by doing something that makes me happy. I started my fitness journey last January 2016 with basic body weight exercises such as pulls ups and push ups.

2. What was your biggest challenge when you started your fitness journey?

The biggest challenge was how to keep myself motivated. There are some days that I don’t feel like doing it or feel lazy especially on rough days of work. I just try to encourage myself that I came this far and its not really reasonable to skip now. Besides, if working out is that easy, everybody will be doing it.

3. Do you remember how long it took you to see results?

To be honest seeing the results will take time. You would never notice the changes especially if you’re staring yourself at the mirror every single day unless people would say it to you. So I’d say few months of training or it depends on each persons body type.

4. How did you stay motivated?

Its not easy to stay motivated but I always kept in mind that all my hardships will be rewarded. There’s no easy way to reach a goal. For me, it started with having a routine. In time, that routine became a habit which I look forward to to complete my day. I focused on uplifting comments instead of the negative criticisms to help motivate me even more.

5. Do you have a fitspiration? Who is it? Why?

Bar Brothers

Frank Medrano

80% of my workouts utilizes body weight so I really admire people like Frank Medrano and Bar Brothers. They don’t just show you calisthenics workouts but they also push and inspire people to reach their goals.

6. How does your workout schedule and routine look these days?

I’ve been working on a ship for more than 10 years and having a busy and tiring schedule is not easy especially sticking to a daily routine. What I do is set a workout schedule for at least 4 to 5 times a week.

7. What’s your top 3 favorite exercises/workouts?

My top 3 favorite exercises are pull ups, variety of push ups and all ab hanging exercises.

8. Do you follow a specific diet?

As of now, I don’t really have a meal plan. I just add more protein to every meal.

9. What advice can you give our readers on their fitness journey?

Life is all about challenges. Set your goals to reach it and overcome it. Don’t let anyone destroy and drag you down. There will always be people full of negativity. Use that as motivation to gain and work hard.

10. What’s your next goal?

I want to keep pushing my limits and share all the things that I’ve learned.

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