gym buddies philippines

Need motivation to workout? How about getting a fitness partner or gym buddy? People who are looking to get more fit have higher chance of success when they work out with someone. Here are 6 reasons why you should workout with a partner:

1. You are less likely to bail.

Getting the motivation to haul your ass off that couch to go to the gym is the hardest part of working out. When you are alone, you always find excuses to bail on your workout. It makes it harder to bail when you scheduled a workout session with your partner. Knowing that you’re not only impacting your wellness but also your partner’s will make you put in extra effort to follow through with your plans.Even during days when you’re just not into it, your partner will be there to push you to stay on track.

2. You’ll push yourself harder.

It is human nature to be competitive. A little healthy competition is never a bad thing. When you work out with someone, the intensity is bound to be much greater. You don’t want to be the first to give up on that plank or the one who can’t keep up with your runs. Working out with someone could help you reach goals you have not reached before. You’ll be more motivated to work harder to keep up or even surpass your partner.

gym buddies philippines

3.  You’ll be more open to trying new things.

Interested in trying out a new activity like boxing or pole dancing but is terrified to actually do it? Having a fitness partner could just encourage you to give it a shot. Trying out a new exercise can be intimidating but knowing that you have someone there to try it with you will give you that confidence you need.

4. You can save money.

There are actually economical benefits to working out with a partner. You can share fitness equipments. You can carpool to the gym. Some gyms even offer promotional discounts when you sign up with someone. Who knew finding a fitness partner will not only help you in your fitness goals but also save you money.

5. It’s more fun.

Studies show that people enjoy physical activity more when they are doing it with others. Let’s face it, working out is not the most fun thing in the world to do. But having someone who you can chat or share pointers with while working out instead of watching time drag slowly can actually make the activity much more enjoyable and make time go faster. Plus, there are so many fun workouts you can do with your partner that you would otherwise be not able to do by yourself which is a great way to switch things up with your routine.

6. You’ll gain a friend.

When you share an experience with someone such as working out together, you form a special bond. Your fitness partner is there to witness your journey–the challenges you faced and overcame and the achievements and improvements you’ve made for yourself.


Interested to know what kind of workouts you can do with your fitness partner? Head on over to our Facebook page where we’ve uploaded some fun exercises with step by step instructions from the Nike Training Club that you can do together.




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